Suffolk Dragons

With June bursting on to the scene, birding can seem to slow down. While our feathered friends might appear a little quieter there is still loads to amuse me on my strolls.

I am no expert on insects but I do love a dragonfly. There is something about the way they are masters of the air – even more so than the some of the birds I love. There are not many creatures that can whizz by at 100 mph and stop instantly, hover and shoot off in a completely different direction. Although this is the thing I love about them it is also something I hate because it is really difficult to identify them if they are just a blur :/

Luckily they do settle occasionally and then I can try my best to tell if it a scarce chaser or a broad bodied one….

The dragonflies little relatives – the damselflies – are no better….was that a common blue or an azure? or maybe a variable? I think I need more practice at this so I’ll head off to some of the great Suffolk Coast dragonfly sites that are dotted around this beautiful area – maybe Darsham or Carlton Marshes 🙂



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